2017. július 3.

Egy kis szünet / Little Break

I'm very happy to inform you that my baby boy was born on 23/06/2017. (If you want to see him, please click here.) So a little break is coming, but I hope to come back to miniatures very soon. The next exhibition of Hungarian miniaturists will start on the 4th of August.
Thank you for following my blog. Please, don't forget me! :)

Örömmel tudatom mindenkivel, hogy június 23-án megszületett a kisfiam. Emiatt most egy kis szünetet tartok a minizésben, de hamarosan visszatérek. :)
Sőt, augusztusban újabb kiállításunk is lesz, erről hamarosan hírt adok majd. 
Addig se felejtsetek el! :) Köszönöm, hogy követitek/követtétek a blogomat.


Music: me singing the Brahms Lullaby for my son.

10 megjegyzés:

  1. Hello Mom Melli ;)!! I've already seen the pictures of your newborn baby, he looks so sweet and adorable, you must be a very proud mom. Congratulations to you and your husband, I wish your son a life full of good health, joy and hapiness!
    Take god care for yourself, and if you can find a little time: try to make some lovely miniatures, dear Melli! And of course: we won't forget you this summer!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Congratulations Melli. Wishing you and your family well :0)

  3. Muchísimas felicidades Melli,te deseo que disfrutes de ese pequeño tesoro que ha entrado en vuestras vidas, es una magnifica noticia.Te deseo un verano lleno de felicidad. Un fuerte abrazo:-)

  4. He is absolutely precious, Melli! Congratulations, and enjoy the time with your newest and best mini yet. We could never forget you and eagerly await your next post. Hugs, Jodi

  5. Warm congratulations to you all!

  6. Congratulations Melli!!! You are starting a brand new adventure with the birth of your new baby boy and May GOD bless you both! :D


  7. Congratulations dear Melli to you and your Family! Kiss

  8. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy Love to you and your family.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Congratulations to you and your family! What an adorable baby boy!